Couch vs Stadium: Personalisation Battle

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Couch vs Stadium: Personalisation Battle

It all started with the personalisation of things. Custom-made clothes, embroidered souvenirs, printed jerseys and so on. Remember the days when you could delight someone with a custom-printed mug or a personalised CD?

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The world has moved from the personalisation of things right into the personalisation of experiences, unlocking a whole new world of influence and engagement opportunities.

We get what, when & how we like it without ever needing to tell that.

Retail & media are first to notice, nourish and develop the trend. Sports has the potential to lead it.

With the world-class viewing opportunities available from anywhere, clubs have one very important question to answer:

How do we get our fans off the couch and into the stadium?

Matchday experience, live sports, Snaptivity, Sports Marketing, Sponsorship

Millenials entered the stage and are taking growing part of the sports audience, but their preferences and consumption habits are not the same as the previous generations used to have. Making this question even harder to answer.  

Let's compare experience o an ordinary fan watching the game on the couch and at a stadium.

Matchday experience, live sports, Snaptivity, Sports Marketing, Sponsorship

As you can see, there are many factors that play against a stadium. Especially for Millennials as they like to stay connected 24/7 and engage with more than one medium at a time.

But there is one factor that is particularly strong and plays in favour of a club: A BE THERE feeling.

The excitement, anxiety, edge, euphoria - joyride of emotions that only can be experienced at live sports. It's so real & honest, exactly what Millennials are after.
Despite the comfort of watching the game at home, being at the game, watching it from the stands, cheering with fellow fans are few things that keep people flocking to the stadiums. But what's enough to keep one fan coming over and over, for the other is a one-off thing.

Common sense suggests, that since the Be There Feeling is one of the strongest factors driving people to the stadiums, clubs should think of accelerating this feeling, making it even stronger. And that is when the power of personalised experiences comes in.

The experiences fans get at the game differ depending on the one's interests and preferences. At the stadium of, say 50K capacity, how do we go about personalising experience for each & every fan? Moreover, there are some factors that are or can be out of the control of the venue but they directly impact the fans experience. Talk weather and traffic jams here.

The answer can be found with technology, so beloved by the Millennials, who are attracted by all things new and innovative.

If we could not only accelerate the feeling but also provide fans with the personalised and emotional content, the experience of attending the game would change. Experiences and emotions are parts of the content, we all feel something when consuming content right. But when emotions emerge not as a feeling of consumption, but as an asset, it has incredible power.

Modern fans are into personalisation, being THERE and online social. Snaptivity's innovative tech captures fans at the peak game moments and delivers personalised emotional content to the fans in real-time. We give the clubs a content-generating engine with the capacity to accelerate Be There Feeling for thousands of fans simultaneously.

But that's not all. We are serious about personalising experiences and that is hardly possible without a strong set of data, collected & analysed in real-time and made available in a simple, understandable format.

And since Snaptivity understands the social context of every fan and her interests and behaviour, the data pool integrated into a CRM or club application, makes the experience truly smart.

Personalisation of match day experience for each fan at the stadium may sound complex. But it's possible and made easy for a club with Snaptivity. Get in touch for more details, happy to share ideas on making your match day experience stand out.

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